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SPLiCE Licensors Workshop (LW) is an event for SPLiCE Members only.

We feature our State of the Union and annual Board of Directors meeting.

This unique event offers an academic peer-to-peer environment for licensors to network.

Benchmark teams share current tools and voice best practices.

On trend topics are featured in open round table conversations relevant to the licensor community.



Sep 10-11, 2024

Member Host McDonald's Corporation, Chicago, IL


SPLiCE Board of Directors Meeting
1st Timers & Mentors
Welcome Keynote!
State of the Union
SPLiCE 2025 Strategic Plans and Leadership
Amicus Updates and the Threat to Licensing 
New SPLiCE Member Profile Share!
United States Customs Border Patrol: Resources and Best Practices to Protect Your Brand 
Functional Breakouts feature brand enhancement & promotion along with brand protection
- Brand Enhancement - 
- Brand Protection -  
Recognition Luncheon & Awards Ceremony SPLiCE Membership CMTE
SPLiCE Licensors Workshop Celebration Gala Reception & Dinner hosted at John Deere


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Bob Mackie Design Group SPLiCE Member
Clorox Company NEW Secondary logo 600px box.jpg
HP Inc SPLiCE Member
Life Is Good SPLiCE Member
Mack Trucks SPLiCE Member
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Newell SPLiCE Member
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Under Armour SPLiCE Member
Disney SPLiCE Member

Past Events

2023 SPLiCE Licensors Workshop group photo
2023 | NBCUniversal

Sep 12 - 14, Universal City, California


  • Michal Steinberg, Senior Vice President, Head of Business, Legal Affairs & Business Operations, Universal Products & Experiences

  • Karen Tiongson, Vice President, Global Brand Standards, Legal, Universal Products & Experiences

2022 SPLiCE Licensors Workshop Group Photo

Onsite: Sep 13 - 15, Asheville, North Carolina

Virtual: Sep 28 - 29, Hopin platform


  • Chase Pickering,

       Vice President, Biltmore House Guest                   Experience, Biltmore Estate

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2021
2021 | Virtual

Featured Member: The American Red Cross

Keynote Presenters:

  • Trevor Riggen,

       SVP, Disaster Cycle Services,

       The American Red Cross

  • David Katz,

       EVP & CMO,

       Randa Apparel & Accessories

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2020
2020 | Virtual

Member Host: Electrolux

Keynote Presenter:

  • Ciarán Coyle,

       Global Vice President & Head,

       Electrolux Global Brand Licensing

Spotlight Presenter:

  • Lesley Slaton Brown,

       Chief Diversity Officer,

       HP Inc.

2019 SPLiCE Licensors Workshop GROUP PHOTO
2019 | U.S. Postal Service

Washington, District of Columbia

Welcome Keynote Presenter:

  • Christopher Karpenko,

       Executive Director of Brand Marketing,

       U.S. Postal Service

2018 SPLiCE Workshop 2018 group photo
2018 | Life is Good

Boston Seaport, Massachusetts

Keynote Presenters:

  • Bert Jacobs, Co-Founder | Life is Good

  • John Jacobs, Co-Founder | Life is Good

  • Lisa Tanzer, President | Life is Good

  • Steve Gross, Chief Playmaker | Life is Good Kids Foundation

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2017 Crayola HQ
2017 | Crayola

Easton, Pennsylvania

Keynote Presenters:

  • Smith Holland, President & CEO, Crayola

  • Pete Ruggiero, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development & Digital Strategy

  • Warren Schorr, Vice President, Business Development and Global Licensing

  • Vicky Lozano, Senior Vice President, Crayola Experience

  • Chuck Linden, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development and Digital Strategy

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2016 Brown-Forman
2016 | Brown-Forman Corporation

Nashville, Tennessee

Keynote Presenters:

  • Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller, The Jack Daniel Distillery

  • Nelson Eddy, Jack Daniel Historian


Spotlight Presenter:

  • Suzanne Sheikh, Integration Account Manager, Jimmy Kimmel Live

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2015 Buffalo group photo
2015 | SPLiCE Headquarters

Buffalo, New York

Keynote Presenters:


  • Byron Brown, Mayor of Buffalo

  • Mark Poloncarz, Erie County Executive

  • Joe Mohorovic, Commissioner, CPSC

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2014 Ford Motor Company group photo
2014 | Ford Motor Company 

Dearborn, Michigan

Keynote Presenters: 


  • Elena Ford, Vice President, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience, Ford Motor Company

  • Sheryl Connelly, Manager, Global Consumer Trends and Futuring, Ford Motor Company

  • Bob Kreipke, Ford Historian, Ford Motor Company

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2013 Caterpillar HQ group photo
2013 | Caterpillar Headquarters

Peoria, Illinois

Keynote Presenter: 


  • Doug Oberhelman, CEO, Caterpillar

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2012 3M Innovation Center Saint Paul
2012 | 3M Innovation Center

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Keynote Presenter: 


  • Ian Hardgrove, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales, & Communication, 3M

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2011 Biltmore Estate
2011 | Biltmore Estate

Asheville, North Carolina

Keynote Presenters: 


  • Bill Cecil, Jr., President & CEO, The Biltmore Company

  • Steve Miller, Execute Vice President, The Biltmore Company

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2010 P&G HQ Cincinnati
2010 | P&G Headquarters 

Cincinnati, Ohio

Keynote Presenters: 


  • John E. Pepper Jr., Chairman of the Board, The Walt Disney Company, and Past CEO of P&G

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2009 Stanley Black & Decker New Britain
2009 | Stanley Black & Decker

New Britain, Connecticut

Keynote Presenter: 


  • John Lundgren, CEO, Stanley Black & Decker

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2008 Nike Global HQ Beaverton
2008 | Nike Global Headquarters

Beaverton, Oregon

Keynote Presenters: 


  • Nelson Farris, Global Corporate Education Director, Human Resources WHQ, Nike Inc.

  • Jerry Karver, Nike’s Vice President of Global Sourcing and Manufacturing, Nike Inc.

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2007 United States Postal Service HQ (USPS) Washington
2007 | United States Postal Service Headquarters

Washington, D.C.

Keynote Presenter: 


  • Nick Barranca, Vice President, United States Postal Service​

Spotlight Presenters: 


  • Taryn Fransen, World Resources Institute

  • David Refkin, Time Inc.

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2006 The Coca-Cola Company Atlanta
2006 | The Coca-Cola Company

Atlanta, Georgia

Keynote Presenters: 


  • Cindy Birdsong, Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Mark Greatrex, Executive Vice President, The Coca-Cola Company

  • Kimberly Kociencki, CEO, SPLiCE

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2005 The Walt Disney Company Burbank
2005 | The Walt Disney Company

Burbank, California

Keynote Presenters: 


  • Manuel G. Grace, Senior Vice President, The Walt Disney Company

  • Harry Dolman, Executive Vice President, Disney Consumer Products

  • Hal Stratton, Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2004 McDonald's Corporation
2004 | McDonald’s Corporation

Oak Brook, Illinois

Keynote Presenter: 


  • Peter Schaeffer, Vice President Safety and Compliance, McDonald’s Corporation

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop 2003 The Mansion on Delaware
2003 | The Mansion on Delaware

Buffalo, New York

Keynote Presenter: 


  • Lorrie Turner, Corporate Counsel, Rich Products Corporation

SPLiCE Licensors Workshop creates unique experiences which affords our membership an opportunity to speak with other licensors across industry lines interested in

brand protection and to leverage innovation via licensing.

What makes this annual event so successful is the participation by Members who understand the need for protecting their brands from brand dilution due to consumer dissatisfaction, poor quality, and product litigation. We focus the learning opportunities within licensing from a business risk management, legal and quality perspective.

For more information on SPLiCE events contact

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