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Each SPLiCE event is a unique experience which affords membership an opportunity to speak with licensors, brand owners, solution providers and licensees interested in brand protection and leveraging innovation via licensing.

2024 Licensors Summit Brand Oasis Jan 30-31 Electrolux

SPLiCE Brand Oasis Licensors Summit

maintains a vision to facilitate best practices for licensing process management. We accomplish this by hosting an educational forum with VIP Solution Providers to build awareness for the licensing industry.

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Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence

As SPLiCE celebrates its anniversary and the World IP Day on April 26, we will address global thought leadership on ways to protect, promote, and enhance brand integrity through licensing.

2024 INTL CON APR 18-19 LONDON nbcu 600px box.jpg

SPLiCE International Conference

is event open for Members and affiliated Solution Providers to collaborate. Our focus is to discuss benchmarking, trends, and to network online on global topics related to licensing and brand enhancement.

SPLiCE Collaboration icon

SPLiCE X Brands

 SPLiCE has a new event coming your way!

We are happy to announce SPLiCE X Brands, a collaboration and networking event for SPLiCE Members and Global Affiliates to be held in Las Vegas during Licensing EXPO.

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SPLiCE Licensors Workshop

is the annual SPLiCE Member meeting, State of the Union and host for benchmark work completed that year. Members-only unite in compelling brand venues that contribute to unique ideation on best practices.

Global Lic events 2024 logo 600px box.jpg

A Look Ahead....

the licensing industry offers a plethora of annual events to learn & collaborate. For SPLiCE Members, 4 of the top 5 events are SPLiCE  annual meetings! Peruse the calendar of licensing related events.

“SPLiCE is important to me and my company because it provides a safe place to share best practices and headaches. It's so easy to ask questions and get responses in real time that you might feel uncomfortable asking anywhere else or to anyone else.”

Brand Licensing Manager

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