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International Meeting

The SPLiCE International Meeting is open for SPLiCE Members, Non-Member Licensors and Solution Providers to collaborate for a one day event. Our focus is to discuss benchmarking, trends, and to network on global topics related to licensing and brand enhancement.

SPLiCE International Meeting will be held in October 2020, London, UK.

We will feature academic presentations on licensing, trends and future forecasting,

anti-counterfeiting, eMarketplace and regulatory concerns for brand owners.

We will explore the various ways brands command attention through successful brand activation that improve and augment their equity position.

Presenters will address global market developments. 




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The 2019 Program Featured:

Corporate Trademark Licensing: Lessons from Implementation 

The Science Behind the Consumer: Research on Reaching Target Demographics 

EU Antitrust Laws: European Restrictions on Licensed Product Cross-Border Sales

Anticounterfeiting: Effects on Brand

Best Practices:

SPLiCE SECUR: Social & Environmental Compliance Guidelines for Licensed Programs

Social Media and eMarketplace Contractual Language to Protect Your Brand

Best practices to govern how a licensee utilizes digital advertising so the Brand maintains control. 

 Antitrust: Cross-border sales of merchandising products 

EC antitrust investigations into distribution practices that restrict licensed goods sales 

Conversational best practice processes to comply with EC laws and regulations 


• Business Readiness: Designing Innovation into the Licensed Product Framework
• e-Marketplace Activations for Licensees and Branded Licensed Goods
 Take Back Control! Maximize Brand Impact Online Without a Remote Control
 Licensed Program Social & Environmental Responsibility: SPLiCE SECUR
 How to Influence the Consumer Experience Online


• Greater knowledge and understanding of industry, regulatory policies, and approach to garner licensees unparalleled strength within brick & mortar and e-Marketplace environments.

• Formation of SPLiCE Members and licensing stakeholders insights on various channels to share experience and knowledge leading to development of best practices.