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Founded in 2012, SPLiCE Licensors Summit™ maintains the vision to facilitate best practices for licensing process management. We accomplish this by hosting an educational forum

that builds awareness for the licensing industry.


The SPLiCE Licensors Summit™ consistently affords opportunities for Licensors & Solution Providers to understand business challenges and generate connections.

SPLiCE Licensors Summit™ showcases expert Solution Providers within the licensing industry. Solution Providers will have the opportunity to present their developed technologies, processes, and/or consultation practices to SPLiCE Members and other licensors.

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SPLiCE Licensors Summit 2021


Tuesday, November 30 & Wednesday, December 1 | 11:30 am - 4:00 pm ET | Virtual

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Educational & Networking Highlights


LEGO Global Youth Study on Circular Economy: The role of youth as a catalyst for change

Jennifer DuBuisson, Senior Director Government and Public Affairs, the LEGO Group

Unveil the key insights and recommendations from the LEGO Group Circular Economy Youth Study.

 Sponsored by the SPLiCE Social & Environmental Responsibility Committee    

Brand Protection in Marketing

Mike Dunn, Chief Brand Officer, Octane5

As licensors, create a 360-approach for your licensing business strategy. How "deputizing your consumer" leads to greater consumer confidence and stickiness with your brand. Letting your consumers know you care is critical in their purchasing process.

How to Dive Deep to Find Pearls:

Mastering KPI’s and Finding Hidden Opportunities in Your Licensing Program

Marty Malysz, President, Dependable Solutions, Inc.

Join the discussion about exploring in-depth what’s working well and what’s not working well for your brand licensing operation. Discover real-time data and analyze trends, performance, and seal opportunities that are 
yet to be exploited.

Audit Is Not A Four Letter Word: A Licensee's Suggested Playbook for Best Practices

Scott Stern, President & CEO, Norscot Group and Mark Higgins, Controller, Norscot Group

Do you dread the annual audit process? From licensee selection to audit preparation and royalty collection,

Scott Stern takes you through the audit process from a licensee's perspective, with sound advice on how to keep the royalties flowing in and licensee relationships healthy and productive. 

Prospecting New International Licensees and Efficiently Managing Current Licensees

in a COVID-Impacted World

Michael Penn, EVP Licensing & International, Careismatic Brands, Inc.

Restricted travel prevents vetting candidates face-to-face in their country – how are companies managing this challenge? Inability to visit licensees internationally to verify stewardship of your brand and performance has changed how we manage partners; what tools are being employed?

McCormick & Instant Pot – More than a Licensed Product

Rob Johnson, Senior Manager, Brand Licensing, McCormick & Company

Focus on licensing-in and collaboration across more than just the licensed product including digital, in-store, 
and globally across portfolios.

Navigating the Challenges of Building Sustainable Business Ventures in Japan

Eric Rennagel, Founder & CEO, MyMediabox

Licensing Sustainability Award & Change Agents Amongst US

Moderator: Gary Symons, Editor-in-Chief, TLL

Panel will feature the Licensing Sustainability Award and what breakthrough actions licensors are adopting to 
move their licensing programs forward.

Sponsored by The Licensing Letter (TLL) & SPLiCE

Environmental Sustainability Integration within Your Licensing Program

Social & Environmental Responsibility Committee 

Are there corporate directives to integrate core environmental initiatives? What are some examples? Will you hire staff or 3rd party to manage? Is the push for sustainability changing the philosophy behind your licensing program?

SPLiCE Benchmark Future in 2022

José Barrios, SPLiCE Chairman (HP Inc.), Rob Johnson, SPLiCE Development Chair (McCormick & Company), and Kimberly A. Kociencki, CEO, SPLiCE

Presenters and attendees engage in candid discussion on topics that will impact the licensing industry in 2022.

10th Anniversary SPLiCE Licensors Summit Virtual Reception & Networking

Join the conversation to celebrate 10 years of making a difference together!

1:1 Networking & Marketplace Meetings


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“SPLiCE is important to me and my company because we get invaluable information and guidance from peers and service providers that would otherwise be unavailable to us.”

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