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SPLiCE Who We Are

Who We Are

SPLiCE is a trade organization founded as a best practice think-tank for trademark brand Licensors.

SPLiCE Who We Are

SPLiCE was founded in 2004

with the vision to

continuously improve brand licensing.

SPLiCE Who We Are

We are a community of Licensors who share best practices for protecting, promoting and enhancing brand integrity

The Society of Product Licensors Committed to Excellence (SPLiCE), founded in 2004, maintains a vision to continuously improve brand licensing.

We are a community of licensors who share best practices

to protect, promote and enhance brand integrity.


SPLiCE benchmark success frames our organizational cornerstones of legal, marketing,

and quality. We focus on functions that impact & influence licensing initiatives.

Over-arching benchmark studies to identify best-in-class industry practices include:

anti-counterfeiting, brand licensing valuation, environmental sustainability,

finance & royalty collections, food licensing, legal & contractual templates,

marketing and business development, product regulatory compliance,

social accountability, and technology & IP licensing.

SPLiCE is an active Community of Best Practice with 70+ Member companies from

academic, business, privately-held, military, and nonprofit representing:


20% of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

6% of the S&P 500 Index

22% of License Global’s 2020 Top 150 Global Licensors

33 SPLiCE Members accruing $140,072B or 53.4%

11% of Interbrand’s 2020 Top 100 Global Brands

6% of BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2020​

6% of Brand Finance US 500 Most Valuable Brands 2020

3% of Brand Finance Global 500 Most Valuable Brands 2020

Engagement focus within SPLiCE includes a kaleidoscope of

brand protection knowledge from over 40 industries.

90%+ are responsible and or accountable for their licensing programs

66%+ of SPLiCE Members have a licensing program over 10 years old

89%+ have a licensing program in existence for five plus years, and

83%+ have two or more brands to license.

Contemporary Boardroom

SPLiCE Board Members are global thought leaders in brand management. As executives, they offer invaluable knowledge in the Boardroom for our rapidly-changing industry.

New York Sea Port

A Brand Community of Best Practice. SPLiCE engages a kaleidoscope of knowledge on brand promotion, enhancement and protection

from over 50 industries.


SPLiCE Member of the Year Awards 

are peer recognized achievements of demonstrated leadership, values, passion,  and overall output for creating substantial impact to SPLiCE.

Business Handshake

Commitment to ethical professional conduct is expected of every Member.  The SPLiCE Code consists of  seven imperatives formulated as statements of personal and individual company responsibility.


SPLiCE meetings afford Members desired academic platforms and greatest networking ability.

Events are open to Members, Licensors and VIP Solution Providers.

Go Team

For information on membership or collaboration please contact us by completing the form linked below. Please note that membership in SPLiCE is for brand licensors.


Commitment to ethical professional conduct is expected of every SPLiCE Member.

This code, consisting of 7 imperatives formulated as statements of personal and individual company responsibility, identifies the elements of such a commitment.

As a SPLiCE Member I will…

1. Comply with Antitrust Laws. | 2. Be honest and trustworthy.

3. Treat people with respect and dignity. | 4. Be fair and take action not to discriminate.

5. Honor intellectual property rights. | 6. Be respectful of competitor relationships.

7. Honor confidentiality and privacy.

Code of Conduct


Short-term initiatives that model licensing best practices.

We benchmark areas such as legal, quality, business management, corporate responsibility, and marketing. Benchmark meetings adhere strictly to antitrust policy guidelines.

Benchmark Teams
Data on a Touch Pad

To demonstrate the value of brand licensing as a vital marketing tool to support the core brand.

Business Organization

To benchmark how SPLiCE Members structure their licensing teams inside their corporations.

VR Headset

To surface best practices for technology licensing and share business models for cross-industry standards of practice.

Fancy Dinner Party
Cocktail & Culinary

To benchmark the quality process in co-packaging and food licensing.

Supply Chain Management SPLiCE
Product Regulatory Compliance

To uniform best practice processes for brand owners to employ guidelines to address global regulations.

Market Analysis
Past Benchmark Initiatives 

Licensing Models | Nonprofit Licensing

Brand Licensing Metrics & Objectives

Selling Licensing Internally | eMarketplace

Business Partners at Work
Legal, Anti-Counterfeiting,
& Trademark Law

To benchmark contractual brand protection best practices.

Credit Assessment
Royalty Collection

To benchmark the process of royalty collections.


Long standing initiatives within SPLiCE governed by our strategic plan.

Content discussed by Standing Committees adheres strictly to antitrust policy guidelines.

Giving a Presentation

To generate and foster new business development initiatives, leveraging our Strategic Plan as it’s guiding light.

Marketing team meeting

To attract and engage our membership with effective methods that ensure the sharing of best practice processes.

Business Conference

To oversee excellence in licensing education for all SPLiCE Members during our annual membership meetings.

Social & Environmental Responsibility Committee

To promote and be a resource for social compliance and environmental sustainability within SPLiCE.

London Reflections
Committee & Benchmark

To aid our Members that want to increase brand presence in other countries.

VR headset
Technology Benchmark Committee

To surface best practices for technology licensing and share business models for cross-industry standards of practice.


For information on SPLiCE membership for licensors, solution provider Global Affiliation Program, or collaboration, contact us by completing the form below, we look forward to speaking with you!

Thank you! Message sent.

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