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Doing Business in Brazil and LATAM! 

As a community of licensors, we extend our meeting to global experts who engage in building international trade including our SPLiCE Global Affiliates and Government Agencies. Open to SPLiCE Members & Global Affiliates, and  qualified licensing industry stakeholders including Licensors, Brand Owners, Manufacturers, and Licensees.

SPLiCE Member Host


Join us with SPLiCE Members & Affiliates with VIP Guest Speakers

AM General, Amazon, American Red Cross, The Biltmore Company,

Bob Mackie Design Group, Ltd., Caterpillar Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, Crayola,

Dependable Solutions Inc., General Motors, HP Inc., Hamilton Beach, The Hershey Company,

John Deere, Hasbro, Inc., Honeywell International, LMCA, Life is Good, McCormick & Co. Inc., NBCUniversal, Newell Brands, Octane5, Procter & Gamble, Redibra, Under Armour, U.S. Army,

U.S. Air & Space Forces IP MGT, U.S. Department of Labor, U.S. Department of Commerce,

U.S. Navy Trademark Licensing Office, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, 

The Walt Disney Company, Whirlpool Corporation

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April 26-27 | Washington, DC | Hybrid

On April 26 & 27, SPLiCE will celebrate global licensing and World IP Day!

Doing Business in LATAM Presentations Address

Global Trends to Raise the Scope of the Licensing Industry

  • Market trends, insights, and international case studies will showcase business learnings. 

  • Identify resources, tools, and training by region!

  • Best practices to source & onboard licensees.

  • Fresh looks at product development and program management due diligence.

  • Expose risks for licensing such as tariffs, IP issues, counterfeit goods, and international.

2023 International Conference Program

Wednesday, April 26 | Onsite & Virtual

SPLiCE Welcome! World IP Day Women in IP: Accelerating Innovation & Creativity

United States Postal Service and United States Patent & Trademark Office!

Amity Kirby, Head of Licensing, United States Postal Service, and Kimberly Kociencki, CEO, SPLiCE

Elizabeth Dougherty, Director, and Tomeka Oubichon, Officer | USPTO Eastern Regional Outreach


Protecting Your Brand Across Borders Case Study

Practical best practices to protect the brand and minimize counterfeiting risks in the marketplace. 

Mike Dunn, President & Chief Brand Officer, Octane5 

Leticia Lopez Garcia, Senior Business Development and Brand Licensing Manager, Honeywell International 

Navigating the Federal Government Resources to Promote Business and Licensing

Eric Johnson, Global Director of Franchise Programs, U.S. Department of Commerce

Sophie Zinser, International Labor Affairs Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor

David Kellis, Regional Intellectual Property Attaché for Mercosur, French Guiana, Guyana, and Suriname, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office | U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Consulate General | Rio de Janeiro

Coca-Cola Licensing:  Brazil Case Study

Our presenters will discuss their business model, how it started, and evolved. Collaborative highlights include how The Coca-Cola Company built marketing Integration with local beverage operations leading to interesting collabs.

Brad Fields, Sr. Licensing Manager / Licensing Retail & Attractions, The Coca-Cola Company

David Diesendruck, Owner & CEO, Redibra

Better Intelligence – Empowering BI tools reveal trends in your licensing program

  • Learn how Business Intelligence tools can span multiple applications.

  • How to utilize drill down capabilities to embolden information.

  • Friendly personalized dashboards.

  • See some examples of MS Power BI on licensing data. 

Marty Malysz, President, Dependable Solutions, Inc. 


COMPAQ Case of Study About the Benefits of Using Brand Licensing in Brazil
Licensing is a synergistic business and especially for the COMPAQ brand in Brazil. We will explore how the licensor and licensee relationship can have long-term benefits. Through open communications, together they can consistently grow the brand in new categories while raising awareness and impressions among consumers. 

Jose Barrios, Business Development, HP Inc. | SPLiCE Chairman 

Camilo Stefanelli, Head of the COMPAQ Brazil Business, Positivo

Corporate Brand Licensing in Brazil: Why Blend In When You Can Samba to Stand Out?

Synopsis: This fast-paced session will give you the overview and direction to developing your licensing business in Brazil and outline the opportunities and challenges in the region. Important topics covered will include economic, cultural, legal, retail, and regulatory with a couple of real-world case studies thrown in!

Ximena Duque, Managing Director, Latin America, LMCA

Isabella Rafael, Strategy & Business Development, Latin America, LMCA

Entering Central and South America with Promotional Products 

Promotional Products can offer penetration for branded consumer goods to explore the market appetite. We will focus on case studies in Central and South American countries. 

Scott Stern, President, Norscot

Onsite Business Networking Reception at Whiskey Charlie | The Wharf Hotels Washington D.C.

Thursday, April 27 | Onsite only

Growing the Business with Best Practices to Protect, Promote, & Enhance

the Brand Through Licensing

New Regulations Affecting IP in Brazil  

David Kellis, Regional Intellectual Property Attaché for Mercosur, French Guiana, Guyana, and Suriname | U.S. Patent and Trademark Office | U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Consulate General | Rio de Janeiro

USPTO China IPR Toolkit

How the USPTO China IP Attaché and China Team can assist US businesses. We will learn of the new updates to the China IPR Toolkit and how that affects doing business in China.

Conrad Wong, Attorney-Advisor, China Team, Office of Policy and International Affairs;

Intellectual Property Officer for Guangzhou, China, United States Patent and Trademark Office

Critical Labor Issues in Brazil and Mexico

This facilitated conversation will highlight expertise in Brazil, Mexico, and Central America with robust Q&A.

Lorena Davalos, Juan Mayagoitia, Kimberly Nolan, Halima Woodhead, Moderator: Sophie Zinser,

Bureau of International Labor Affairs (ILAB), US Department of Labor

How to Engage Global Partners for Licensing

Eric Johnson, Global Director of Franchise Programs, U.S. Department of Commerce

Leveraging eCommerce Platforms and Counterfeit Solutions

Ping Hao, CEO and Co-Founder, and Burke White, Co-Founder and President, Brand3P

NFT’s: What’s New

Amity Kirby, Head of Licensing, United States Postal Service

PLUS an open share of best practices

  • Retail Environment 2023 & Beyond

  • Help Us Help You: Open dialog of pressing issues affecting business

Teambuilding activity to be announced ~





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