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Society of Product Licensors Committed to Excellence

New Year Meeting

The SPLiCE New Year Meeting (NYM) is a two day event that serves the organization

to set clear goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

2019 SPLiCE New Year Meeting Agenda Highlights:

12th Annual SPLiCE Social & Environmental Responsibility Mini Summit

SECUR Guidelines

Incentivizing Licensees for Good Practices  


Benchmark & Committee Initiatives

SPLiCE focused fact-finding and global best practices


Best Practices & Lessons Learned

Help Me Help You

Business, Finance, Legal, Marketing, Quality, and Social & Environmental Responsibility

2019 SPLiCE Licensors Workshop (LW) 

2018 LW Post-Survey Building Blocks

2019 SPLiCE Licensors Summit™ Roundtable with Advisory Stakeholders